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I just stayed at a hotel for the first time since the pandemic forced our industry to hit pause.  I was somewhat apprehensive, but the Wilbur Hotel in Lititz, PA (part of Hilton’s Tapestry collection) did a great job of assuring my family and me that the hotel, and our room, were given extra care in terms of cleanliness.

How did it compare to my last hotel stay in early March? It was way different! Here are a few highlights:

  • My pre-stay email immediately surmised that guests’ expectations for cleaning and disinfection have changed. Hilton does not hold back promoting their “CleanStay” promising to “provide complete peace of mind” and “confidence of industry-leading hygiene practices created to keep you safe.”
  • Entering the lobby, signs were everywhere declaring masks were required in common areas (which I happily obliged).
  • While keyless entry was strongly recommended in the pre-stay email, I went through the traditional check-in process as I needed extra keys. The front desk was cordoned off, yet the Associate, while maintaining social distancing, could not have been more gracious in our awkward exchange of the room key.
  • Signs throughout the lobby requested guests stand 6 feet apart. Everywhere you turned you could use a hand sanitizer station.
  • Twice I experienced elevator etiquette like never before: guests voluntarily waiting for the next ride instead of joining me. We have changed!
  • Room door stickers indicated the room had been thoroughly cleaned meeting CleanStay
  • Guestrooms are serviced only every 4 days, but guests can request towels or amenities by contacting the front desk or hotel Associate.
  • While I almost always used the Fitness facilities pre-COVID-19, I would have had to sign up for access.
  • And my favorite, the remote control was wrapped in a sticker indicating it too had been disinfected: ESPN never looked so good!

As a guest, kudos to Hilton for setting an excellent standard for elevated cleanliness to address concerns regarding COVID-19.  I felt safe, and more importantly, my family did as well.  The Wilbur’s efforts to protect their guests were very apparent and appreciated.

Here’s a big idea: I wish I could have used my iPhone to leave a touchless tip for the frontline Hospitality workers who are more critical now than ever.

From Hilton to Marriott, Independent Hotels to IHG brands, shouldn’t this be a part of guest expectations?

Interested in having a conversation about touchless tipping?  Click here to contact me. 

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