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TipYo provides a safe and secure way for travelers to tip your associates from the convenience of their phones and integrates with your associate management and payroll systems.

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How it Works

Our solution provides you with a valuable human resource tool for your associates by allowing guests to leave a tip based on the service they received rather than the amount of cash in their wallet.

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Traveler sends tip from the TipYo app

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Tips are deposited into your account; TipYo matches tips via service staff reports and then tips are disbursed to associate through payroll.


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Associate receives tip in paycheck

TipYo Versus Other Mobile Payment Platforms

No guest or associate accounts, links, or handles to keep track of and share

Payment flows to associates paycheck

Only requires guest payment info. No other data is collected or shared





Available on Apple App Store or Google Play

Free for Travelers

No added cost to tip


Integrates with your payroll system to disburse the tips.

Marketing Support

Marketing Tool kit to promote TipYo at your property.

Safe & Secure

TipYo partners with Stripe for your credit card processing.


Monthly subscription fee structure.

Getting Started is Easy


Subscribe to TipYo Mobile Tipping Service.


We will provide a link for you to create an account with our credit card processing partner, Stripe.


Your property will be added to the TipYo App along with the services that can be tipped.


We will provide you with a Marketing tool kit to promote TipYo to guests.


When guests tip, the money is deposited into your Stripe Account.


TipYo will work with your payroll so you can disburse the tips to your associates.

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