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Brian Walsh

Brian Walsh

Founder of TipYo, Inc.

As a frequent traveler, I became increasingly frustrated when I wanted to tip hospitality associates but was short on cash. Making rushed trips to the ATM seemed unnecessary in a world where we can do everything on our phones. I started to consider how many tips hospitality associates were missing out on because other travelers might not be as willing to go to the ATM and pay those exorbitant fees. As someone with over 25 years of notable experience in fundraising, marketing, and Fintech for many high-profile organizations, I knew guests and associates needed a solution to solve this pervasive travel challenge. TipYo has made a major contribution to the hospitality industry: Providing a secure way for travelers to show gratitude using their phone. Covid-19 has made contactless payments like TipYo even more necessary for the safety of guests and travelers. Our results prove that the hospitality market is ready for touchless tipping, workers are seeing a boost in take home pay, and our partners are benefitting from TipYo’s experience in managing complex financial transactions.

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