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TipYo is proud to join the American Hotel & Lodging Association as an Allied Member.  AHLA has created a Back to Business Center resource page with the following goal: “As the industry looks for guidance on reopening properties, AHLA has collected a variety of leading resources from industry experts. These reopening resources focus on what’s next and include checklists for enhanced cleaning practices, the latest contactless technologies, workplace protocols to meet the new health/safety challenges and more.”

TipYo’s mobile tipping solution is included on this list as an essential part of hotels’ reopening efforts post COVID-19. AHLA also presents the Safe Stay Guidelines, in which it recommends, “the use of technology to reduce direct contact with guests.” Additionally, the guidelines state that “contactless payment processes are encouraged” as they coincide with recommendations to stay 6 ft apart whenever feasible.

While our society was already moving towards a cashless future, COVID-19 has accelerated the need for contactless payments like TipYo Touchless Tipping. Our innovative app and user-friendly interface make tipping easy for guests while boosting the take-home pay of hotel associates.

Implementing TipYo’s mobile tipping solution at your hotel is safe, easy and affordable. Want to learn more about TipYo? Contact us here.

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