Touchless Tipping

A secure mobile tipping solution that enables travelers to express their gratitude to hotel room attendants, concierge and valets.

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Use Your Phone to Securely Tip

Step 1

TipYo app icon

Open the TipYo App

Step 2

Tip amount selector icon

Select or customize the amount you want to tip

Step 3

Hotel sign icon

Select your hotel

Step 4

Service staff icon

Choose staff to tip

Step 5

Room number icon

Enter your room number

Step 6

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Confirm tip

Who Carries Cash Anymore?

Checking out of your hotel room, and can't find that $5 bill for the hotel staff that made your stay extra special? Learn how TipYo can make sure that person gets the recognition they deserve all from our secure mobile app.

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Who Benefits?


Convenience from mobile phone.No more hunting for loose bills. Or last-second trips to the ATM. Or that guilty feeling when you must leave without tipping at all. Secure.

Hotel Staff

Staff gets recognized and rewarded for their hard work. Extra cash to help them make ends meet. Solves the headwinds that cashless society has on their income.


Meeting travelers' expectations. Incentivizing workers while helping them increase their take home pay. Payment integration with payroll system to meet IRS and regulatory requirements. Partnering with a company that has significant experience in financial payments industry.

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