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If I told you your employees could earn an extra $2,700 a year, would you listen?

Let’s start here:  pre-pandemic, over the last 5 years, how many times did you reach in your wallet to leave a $5 or $10 tip for a hotel housekeeper but you had no cash?  You felt guilty, right? Maybe you ran to an ATM if you had time.

Stop to consider your fellow guests in the other 13 rooms that your housekeeper cleaned that day.  Suppose those hotel guests who also might be inclined to leave a tip for excellent service…what if they didn’t have cash either?

Now let’s fast forward a year into the pandemic.  Have you been to the ATM lately? Cash is a thing of the past.  Hotel guests will not carry it; they do not want to touch it, let alone hand it to a bellman who carried their bags, valet parking attendant who fetched their car, or concierge that managed to get them a dinner reservation.

What impact does this monumental shift in guest’s perspectives have on employee take-home pay?  Your associates are dependent upon tips to supplement their income and appreciate knowing that they are being recognized by the guests. These women and men are the backbone of any hotel:  the dedicated employees who ensure that your property is meeting cleanliness standards and providing your guests with excellent service.

Research supports that contactless payments are a major priority for your guests:  read:  your guests expect to use their mobile phones for everything inside a hotel property.  This includes the ability to quickly tip from their personal mobile devices safely and securely.

Implementing an integrated mobile tipping solution through TipYo could equate to an additional $2,700 pay increase for your Associates.

Let’s do the math for a housekeeping associate.  Our research shows 1/3rd of guests might tip hotel associates a $5 gratuity on average.


  • employees work 260 days/ year;
  • clean on average 14 rooms a day; and
  • Occupancy rates are 61%*(*expected starting in 2022 according to AHLA study)

That equates to $2,700 per year!!

But if cash is their only tipping option, what does this mean for employees’ take-home pay?

Mobile tipping can be an affordable human resource benefit and an important element of your guests’ contactless experience.  Meeting guest needs while helping employees with a much-deserved bump in their take-home pay is a win-win.







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