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The impact TipYo’s Cashless Tipping Platform can have on hotel employees can’t be overstated. A successfully implemented program improves the guest experience, increases employee job satisfaction, and boosts employees’ take-home pay.

Our platform boasts an $8.40 tip average across properties, excluding tips more than $50. Our hotel partners are often surprised at the large individual tip amounts above $50 that guests give to employees.

While it may be surprising for our hotel partners to see these large tip amounts, it’s not surprising for TipYo! Our Cashless Tipping Platform is specifically designed to have a positive impact on employees by making it as easy as possible for guests to use. Guests do not need to register with TipYo and can tip in 10 seconds or less. Even with these high tip amounts, we have yet to have a guest contact us to say they tipped the wrong amount or attempt a chargeback through their bank.  Our scrolling interface and confirmation screens ensure they are tipping the amount they want.

Additionally, TipYo runs everything through payroll, eliminating any extra reporting work the hotel or the employee must do.

In a recent case study, we explored how some employees were impacted financially by the program. Anthony, a guest ambassador at a luxury hotel in Milwaukee, earned an extra $665 in a year. As guest awareness and adoption of this emerging technology grows, we expect the earning potential of our hotel partner’s employees to grow exponentially as well!

Of course, a tipping program has many intangible benefits as well, such as meeting guest expectations in a cashless world, increasing job satisfaction, and more!

To learn more about implementing TipYo at your hotel or organization, schedule a brief consultation at the link below:

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