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As our society becomes increasingly cashless, it seems more and more industries are turning to digital tipping. A recent study showed that 59% of Americans are experiencing tipping fatigue, eliciting negative reactions towards tipping with some even claiming that tipping is a thing of the past. At the end of the day, tipping greatly benefits service workers and is a way to thank those hard-working employees for providing exceptional service.

Despite the bad press, tipping in hotels where TipYo has been successfully implemented shows no signs of stopping and continues to greatly benefit the hotel associates. We continue to see guests enthusiastically utilize TipYo’s seamless cashless tipping platform, because they want to tip the associates who make their stay special. We even frequently see guests leave tips of $50, $100, and $150!

TipYo’s Platform has been purposefully developed to benefit the guest and the employee receiving the tip. Guests who want to tip often can’t because they aren’t carrying cash.  Consider a recent comment from a grateful employee:

“Clearly guests are not carrying cash anymore.  The convenience of TipYo has made a nice difference in my tip pay!”

With TipYo, guests can tip any amount, not just what they have in their wallet. While some platforms may charge the guest or employee to make or receive the cashless tip, 100% of tips made on TipYo’s Platform go directly into the employee’s paycheck.

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