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The extraordinary crisis we face right now is like nothing we have seen before.

We understand how challenging it has been to navigate and make difficult business decisions that impact employees and their economic well-being while working to mitigate the profound impact of COVID-19 on so many families.

Despite the hardships, there are hopeful signs that when hotels open their doors people will emerge from this crisis with a renewed sense of unity and a greater appreciation of service workers.

Turning massive challenges into positive changes for the hospitality industry.

Our mission at TipYo has been to provide an easy way for travelers to show gratitude to service staff in a cashless, touchless way that is even more important right now.

This past November mobile tipping by TipYo debuted with our first hospitality brand, Provenance Hotel Partners. This bold innovation was quickly adopted by guests and had a positive impact on the take home pay of hotel associates. The seamless data integration with our partner’s payroll systems was an added benefit for administrative staff. Implementation is easy and it is affordable.

As the hospitality industry reviews their Standard of Care changes in preparation for our industry getting back on its feet, we hope they will consider integrating TipYo in their plans.

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