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I started TipYo because as a frequent traveler, I often found myself short on cash to leave a tip for housekeeping or valet. Unplanned and rushed trips to the ATM left me saying there has to be a way to tip from my phone.

I saw the need for a solution not only for my own convenience, but for the benefit of hotel associates that are missing out on tips when travelers don’t have the time to run to the ATM and make change. It is hard to imagine how many gratuities hotel associates have missed out on simply because travelers are not carrying cash.  And, given the acceleration of our cashless society due to COVID-19, contactless solutions are more important than ever.

Like many who use their phones for everything, I started to look for an App to tip. When I didn’t see one, I considered the two platforms we all most frequently use to make payments: PayPal and Venmo.

While these platforms are great for personal exchange of money with someone you know personally or may have a business relationship with, they fall short for providing a tipping solution to a hospitality industry employee.

TipYo provides a complete mobile tipping solution for the hospitality industry:

Research supports that hospitality guests expect to be able to do everything on their phones, and tipping is no exception! As we move into the post-COVID-19 era in which physical distancing and contactless payments rule, the hospitality industry will benefit from TipYo’s mobile tipping solution.

TipYo allows the hospitality industry to focus on serving their guests, while ensuring that guests can show their gratitude to the service staff that makes their stay special.

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