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Are you considering cashless tipping for non-point of sale employees? Whether you are a hotel brand, franchise, management or ownership company, there are multiple cashless tipping providers working with hotels. However, there are some key differentiators among providers to consider.

As the leading Cashless Tipping provider for hotels nationwide, TipYo has extensive experience in setting your hotel up for success in your cashless tipping program. Check out these frequently asked questions below:

  • Do guests need to have accounts or download an App? Do employees?

Guests do not have to set up a TipYo account. Nor do employees. Guests and employees do not have to download an app or provide their personal information in order to tip associates at your hotel.

  • How do guests know cashless tipping is an option? How is the way that TipYo uses QR Codes different from other providers?

Guests need to know that the program is in place in order to use it. TipYo can help the property with marketing efforts through our experience, templates, and marketing toolkit. Guests are able to access TipYo through 1 QR Code per property. With this 1 QR Code, guests can tip any employee or category at your hotel. Guests do not have to track down a specific employee QR code to tip them. There’s significant oversight and added cost needed at properties using multi QR code solutions.

  • Who manages TipYo once it is in place?

TipYo manages the program at your hotel and assigns the tips to your employees through reports already available at your property. The process of receiving weekly room/staff assignments is largely automated once in place. Other than collateral management and “championing” cashless tipping, property managers have very little work to do.

  • Who handles tax reporting for employee tips?

TipYo’s money flow, through payroll, meets compliance regulations; properties do not have to set up an SOP for employee tax reporting. The Hotel Associate has the obligation to report anything over $20/ month to their Employer (Hotel). The Employer (Hotel) is responsible for retaining employee tip reports and withholding taxes based upon wages and tip income. (Source)

  • What is the Return on Investment (ROI)?

Our flat fee structure provides a great human resource ROI when you consider how many employees TipYo impacts; let alone the number of guests who expect contactless payments. At an average annual cost of $1,500 per property, TipYo allows your guests to show their gratitude for excellent service without needing to find an ATM and your employees will appreciate the ability to boost take home pay by recovering lost tips due to lack of cash carrying guests.

  • What about other fee structures? Can the guest be charged a convenience fee?

Fee structures that allow the guest to pay a convenience fee, could be violating the card companies “card not present rules”; platforms that charge properties a percentage of tips over time will become more expensive let alone be an invoice management headache.

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