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Many studies point to the decline of cash usage by Americans. With the increase of cashless acceptance and more places going cashless entirely, people expect everything to be cashless. A Pew Research Study showed that 41% of Americans say none of their purchases in a typical week are paid for using cash, up from 29% in 2018. With almost half of Americans not carrying cash, hotel employees will continue to lose out on tips.

Similarly, a Gallup study showed that “six in 10 now say they make “only a few” or no purchases with cash today, nearly double the 32% saying they did so five years ago. ”

Without cash, guests are not able to tip non-point-of-sale hotel employees, negatively affecting their take-home pay.

Despite declining cash usage, a recent study showed that 79% of hotel guests think hotel workers should receive tips.

Accordingly, guests have responded enthusiastically to TipYo’s Cashless Tipping Platform. While every property experiences different results, TipYo’s tip average nationwide is almost $10.  We frequently see tips from generous guests for $50, $100, and even $150.

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