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The last tip TipYo’s mobile tipping platform received before the world went into Covid lockdown was a $50 cashless gratuity from a hotel guest in Portland, Oregon.

Just last week, as the travelers begin to fill hotels again, guests continue to respond with generosity: not only did we see more $50 tips, but $20 tips are trending, and one guest surprised an Associate with a $120 cashless gratuity!

If you’re anything like me, you probably never carry cash either. In a world where we can do everything on our phones, why would I?  With TipYo, I can even tip hotel staff from my phone at participating locations. There’s nothing worse than wanting to tip an accommodating and helpful hotel team member but not having the right size bill in your pocket.

With TipYo, guests can tip as much as they want: $5, $20, $50, or even $120!

Did you know guests rank contactless payments during their hotel stays as a higher priority above features like mobile key?  TipYo’s “plug and play” solution meets guests’ expectations while taking the complex management of cashless gratuities off the plate of hotel Admin.

The impact mobile tipping through TipYo has on employees can’t be overstated.

Estimates show that employees can earn an additional $2,700 per year in locations offering TipYo. Cash is no longer king, and utilizing guests’ personal mobile devices during their hotel stays is a viable solution that TipYo has pioneered.

Nothing makes the TipYo team happier than when we see a guest initiate a $50 tip using our App.   We know few travelers are carrying around that high of a denomination bill. Without TipYo, that housekeeper, bellhop, concierge, or valet likely wouldn’t have received that tip at all.

In a time where rehiring and retaining great employees can be tough, TipYo is an affordable human resource benefit that is ready to be deployed.

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