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In 1963, commercial artist Harvey Ball created the first smiley face. After becoming a ubiquitous symbol of everyday life, World Smile Day became an official holiday in 1999.

On World Smile Day, we are reminded of the importance of small acts of kindness that can make someone smile. Although these days we can’t see one another smile from behind our masks, acts of kindness and smiles still matter.

Hospitality professionals work to make guests smile every day. Next time we travel, it’s important to remember that hospitality associates are working extraordinarily hard to keep us safe.

TipYo’s mission is to enable travelers to show their gratitude to hospitality associates based on the service received and not the amount of cash in their wallet. COVID-19 has accelerated the demand for cashless and contactless technology to keep all parties safe. Unfortunately, this swift change has negatively impacted the amount of cash tips hospitality associates are receiving. Mobile tipping increases employees’ take-home pay, boosts job satisfaction and can reduce employee turnover.  TipYo is an affordable human resource benefit that meets guests’ expectations and benefits employees. Ultimately, TipYo makes everyone smile.

Happy World Smile Day! To learn more about setting up touchless tipping in your hotel space, contact us here.

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