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Covid-19 has changed life as we know it. We understand how challenging it has been to navigate and make difficult business decisions that impact employees and their economic well-being while working to mitigate the profound impact of COVID-19.

Our mission as the leading mobile tipping solution is to:

  • Enable a great guest experience!
  • Increase tips for hotel associates!
  • Make management’s job easier (We handle the critical backend integration that comes along with mobile tipping.)

Mobile Tipping is Poised to Help Hotel Associates Post Covid-19

Despite the hardships, there are hopeful signs that the hospitality industry will emerge from this crisis with a renewed sense of unity and a greater appreciation of service workers.

Employees in the hospitality industry have long needed a solution to cash tips. With our society shifting to cashless faster than ever, no one has cash to use as a gratuity. But many travelers still want to say thank you to staff members for their hard work. Guests know employees are working harder than ever with new COVID-19 regulations, and many want to show their appreciation.

As the hospitality industry continues to review and make changes to their procedures to deliver a Covid-19-friendly guest experience, we hope they will consider integrating TipYo in their plans.

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