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Hello, 2022! We are excited to see what the new year holds for us and the hospitality industry. As we prepare for the year ahead, TipYo has set some New Year’s Resolutions:

  1. Build relationships with hotel partners.

We are committed to our full-service mobile tipping solution. This starts with our onboarding and continues throughout our relationship with our partners. We will continue to structure our solution so management doesn’t have to confront the complexities of mobile tipping. Once TipYo is set up, management will benefit from improved employee satisfaction and retention.

  1. Meet (and exceed!) guest expectations.

We developed our solution to allow guests to tip in 10 seconds or less! Guests can tip however they want in 10 seconds or less. They’ll find us from our app, through a QR code inside a hotel lobby, or integrated right into our hotel partners app!  We will continue to refine our guest experience.

  1. Continue to add value for current hotel owners and management.

We will continue to provide value for hotel management by helping them meet guest expectations, boosting the take-home pay of hotel associates, and providing an affordable human resource benefit.

  1. Support hospitality employees through Mobile Tipping.

Employees in the hospitality industry have long needed a solution to cash tips. With our society shifting to cashless faster than ever, no one has cash to use as a gratuity. But many travelers still want to say thank you to staff members for their hard work. Guests know employees are working harder than ever with new COVID-19 regulations, and many want to show their appreciation.

  1. Lead the Mobile Tipping Conversation

Mobile Tipping has become more relevant than ever due to COVID-19 distancing and cleanliness concerns. But we were already moving rapidly to a cashless society and tips were disappearing. Cashless tipping is an issue that is relevant now and will continue to be pertinent in the future. As the first of its kind mobile tipping solution, TipYo is committed to setting best practices for the industry and delivering on the goals outlined above. If you have any questions or are interested in learning more, contact us today.


Happy New Year!

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