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Puzzle by definition:

Verb: cause (someone) to feel confused because they cannot understand or make sense of something.
Noun: game, toy, or problem designed to test ingenuity or knowledge.

During a recent presentation on contactless payments (specifically for mobile payments) I was struck by a statement from a leading hotelier:
“So, TipYo has figured out the payments puzzle?”
Wow. Yes! We have. And what a puzzle it is.

Let me share…

A recent Customer Engagement Study by the respected Hospitality Technology ranked contactless payments as a higher priority than other touchless hotel solutions including keyless room entry, mobile check-in, and mobile reservations.

While hotels are putting solutions in place for contactless payments to meet consumer demand, there is one area that cannot be easily addressed with these solutions: tipping.

Why? Because tips are not really payments.  They’re a voluntary expression of gratitude that have historically been made with cash.  Contactless payment solutions are great for paying for your hotel room bill or your check in the restaurant.

But how can your guests tip the housekeeper who cleaned their room when they don’t have cash and there’s not a bill?  How can they do this contactless?  How can the hotel make sure the tip gets to the associate’s paycheck?

All very puzzling!

TipYo’s piece of the puzzle? Mobile Tipping.

That is right: TipYo gives your guests the ability to use their phones to make a tip safely and securely to the hotel staff that made their stay memorable.

How many times have you reached in your wallet for a $5 bill for a housekeeping tip just to find that you have no cash? Or, if you have traveled during the COVID-19 pandemic, do you even carry cash?

And the puzzling thing about mobile tipping and contactless payments in general, is how those funds move securely and correctly from one’s mobile device to the intended recipient.

TipYo uses our 20 years of FinTech experience to enable travelers to safely express their gratitude to service staff while practicing physical distancing. From the guest’s phone, to employee matching to HR management, to payroll:  we know how to securely get those tips to hotel employees!  And, guess what? It works!  Guests respond.  Employees are rewarded. The puzzle is completed and everyone wins this game.

Consider this:

  • Survey research shows guests want mobile tipping.
  • Hotelier feedback suggests tips are down for hotel Associates because guests are not carrying cash.
  • The new guest experience demands effective contactless payments. This includes tipping.

Let TipYo help you solve the puzzle today! Your guests and associates will thank you.

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