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With a single QR code, a hotel guest can access TipYo’s Mobile Tipping Platform to tip any employee or pooled category at your hotel property. Some other cashless tipping models rely on excessive printing of employee-specific QR code materials. Printing of quality materials will soon be expensive both during setup and due to employee turnover.

Additionally, guests may have to track down employee-specific QR codes to tip the right person! TipYo’s model allows a guest to tip anyone at any time at the property.

We know that housekeeping assignment changes are inevitable and sometimes frequent! Imagine the managerial oversight needed to maintain the correct QR code in every room. Other instances with collateral with different QR codes constantly moving or being handed out can quickly overwhelm the guest and decrease the guest’s confidence that the correct staff member is receiving their tip.

In instances where collateral does not move, TipYo can provide employee-specific or category-specific QR codes. During onboarding, TipYo will provide Marketing Guidance and Templates to make Mobile Tipping as seamless as possible at your property!

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