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What is Cashless Tipping for hotels?

Cashless Tipping is a means of tipping hospitality workers without having to carry cash! In a world where we can do everything on our phones, it makes sense to tip on our phones too! Cashless Tipping is not meant to replace cash, but rather provide an avenue to tip when the traveler (all too often) finds themselves without cash.

What implications does this have for my employees?

The biggest effect: more take home pay!! Cashless Tipping can make a significant increase in the number of tips your employees receive.  Do you think it’s possible that guests would want to tip your employees, but simply aren’t carrying the cash to do so? If you answered yes, then Cashless Tipping would be a great solution for your property. One of the best things about cashless tipping is that guests aren’t hindered by the bills they have in their wallet. We frequently see guests tip in amounts upwards of $50.

What about taxes? Won’t my employees earn less with taxes?

It’s true that your employees will pay taxes on the tips received. Legally they are required to report the cash tips they receive as well, although its widely understood that this does not always happen. With a successfully implemented cashless tipping solution in place, employees will earn tips that they would have missed out on because guests weren’t carrying cash. Their cashless tips will soon outpace cash tips as our society moves further and further away from a cash economy.

What about compliance?

TipYo’s founder Brian Walsh likes to call it the Wild West of Cashless Tipping. With prior experience in compliance, TipYo’s solution is designed to remain compliant as the regulation landscape surrounding cashless tipping is evolving.

How do you make sure the right person gets the tip?

With TipYo’s Cashless Tipping Platform, you can be sure the right person is receiving the tip. TipYo integrates with the systems the hotel has in place to properly assign the tip.

Do employees have to pay ?

With TipYo, employees don’t pay a fee. 100% of the guest’s tip goes into the employee’s paycheck. TipYo is a human resource benefit for employees and a convenience to guests who aren’t carrying cash.

Do guests like it? Do they have to pay fees?

We have seen impressive adoption by guests who are eager to show their appreciation to service staff! With TipYo, guests are never charged a fee.

What are the use cases?

TipYo is built for non-point-of-sale hospitality employees. Our flexible solution has over 20 service categories to choose from, ranging from Housekeeping to Shuttle to Kitchen Staff. During onboarding, you can choose what works for your hotel property!

There are so many cashless tipping vendors on the market, how do I choose the right one?

There are pros and cons to many solutions, but with TipYo’s focus on compliance, flexibility, helping employees, and making cashless tipping as easy as possible for hotel management, you can trust that TipYo will deliver an effective cashless tipping solution. Check out this graphic below to compare TipYo vs others:

Cashless Tipping Checklist


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