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As COVID-19 has turned 2020 upside down for so many industries, businesses, and families, I found myself thinking more about the significance of Labor Day.

The labor movement was created to achieve better conditions for workers and Labor Day was established as a day to pay tribute to the contributions and achievements of the American worker. We have much to honor on Labor Day 2020.

In the earliest stages of the pandemic, the evening news was filled with stories of essential workers who continued to provide services in uncertain times. As the quarantine continued, some businesses shifted to telework.  As we have cautiously re-opened, many businesses in the service industries have adapted to keep their employees and consumers safe.

The travel industry has been taking important steps to mitigate risk for employees and guests and build traveler confidence:

  • The American Hotel and Lodging Association established the Safe Stay guidelines for hotels. The guidelines emphasize contactless check-in and contactless payment technology.
  • Hotels have mandated mask use for all guests and employees and have instated new cleaning protocols.
  • Hotels are focusing on implementing contactless technology, like room service delivery, keyless entry, and TipYo mobile tipping.

TipYo ensures that employees can receive tips when guests want to thank them for their hard work. TipYo contributes to a safe working environment by:

  • Allowing guests to tip from a distance.
  • Removing barriers like cash and ATM fees that sometimes cause people not to tip.

It’s important that essential employees can receive tips in a post-COVID-19 world. All signs point to increased generosity from guests to service employees. In fact, in an article about tipping in a COVID-19 world,  Rick Camac, the dean of restaurant and hospitality management at the Institute of Culinary Education, said that he recommends leaving $5 a day for housekeeping, as a “small price to pay for extra safety and comfort.” It’s important that systems and policies are in place to ensure employees can safely receive the increased tips.

To essential workers, thank you! This Labor Day, we celebrate you and your contributions and pledge to continue making tipping as easy and safe as possible.

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