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Deciding what technology to invest in is a challenge. What’s worth it in the long run?

The best technologies to invest in are ones that solve a problem that existed before the pandemic but have since accelerated. This means they will still be in demand long after the pandemic, making them more than worth your investment. The most-watched technologies today are hotel mobile apps, mobile room keys, mobile payment technologies, and more.

The best solutions will integrate wherever possible or not require a plethora of paperwork and faxes to implement the technology. They won’t require extensive printing, QR codes, or headaches. Allow the solutions to take ownership of the problems they are solving for you. Don’t let the solutions own your hotel and your employees’ time.

The best solutions will allow you to visibly reduce the risk associated with Covid-19 now and in the future. The technology a hotel chooses can have a significant impact on its overall operational success during Covid-19. 45.4% of North Americans quoted Covid-19 concerns when booking their next accommodation, but only 10.8% cite the status of the pandemic (out of hoteliers’ control) being the reason. Consequently, hotels can ease safety & cleanliness concerns for 34.6% of the demand.

Websites like, TripAdvisor, Expedia, and more allow guests to filter out hotels that aren’t advertising enhanced cleaning standards, social distancing guidelines, and contactless transactions. Investing in technology that allows you to promote a contactless and safe experience is the best way to ensure your hotel isn’t eliminated by these filters.

Let’s talk about tipping…

In our opinion, mobile tipping is one of the best technologies that hotels can invest in at this time (yes, we’re biased). Our mobile tipping solution checks all the boxes proposed above, and it will stand the test of time. Our society was already headed to a cashless future, and the pandemic accelerated the process.

The benefits of mobile tipping are multi-faceted. Mobile tipping meets the contactless experience that guests expect. Mobile tipping is easy for hotel management to implement and maintain (hint: TipYo does it for you). Finally: mobile tipping will boost hotel associates’ take-home pay.

Why do you need to implement mobile tipping NOW?

Hoteliers are reporting that employees are receiving significantly less tips due to the changing landscape of Covid-19. This is directly due to the different way that guests interact with the hotel. Even though housekeepers are working harder than ever, guests aren’t carrying cash and are therefore less likely to tip. People are less likely to get within 6 ft of a bellhop, valet, or concierge to hand them a cash tip.

Guests are not handling cash. Whether due to the germs associated with cash or the coin shortage, cash is not a safe or reliable form of payment anymore.

Mobile tipping doesn’t limit the generosity of guests. Various sources have pointed to increased generosity from travelers who understand the impact Covid-19 has had on hospitality jobs. For example, Russel Westbrook left an $8,000 housekeeping tip during his stay at a hotel in the NBA bubble. Without mobile tipping, the amount a guest can tip is equal to how much cash they have in their pocket. Guests that want to tip would have to rush to the ATM if they aren’t carrying cash.

At the end of the day, hospitality technology can help turn massive challenges for the hospitality industry into positive change. But we know hotels must be selective in 2020. Hotel management has been asked to do extraordinary things on a tight budget. TipYo’s affordable mobile tipping solution is guaranteed to improve your guest experience, fit into your budget, and benefit your employees. To learn more, contact us here.




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