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Solutions that require hospitality management to manage the tipping process are simply not solutions at all.

QR codes, a barcode any camera phone can scan to be redirected to a website, have become ubiquitous in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. While QR codes work great for restaurant menus, marketing, and more, are QR codes applicable for mobile tipping in the hospitality industry?

As an early advocate and innovator in mobile tipping, TipYo believes QR codes can be a part of the mobile tipping solution. For example, TipYo uses QR codes to market our App availability. However, mobile tipping solutions that are dependent on QR codes can have some drawbacks:

First, consider a hotel with 200 rooms and 10 people on their housekeeping team:

Printing costs can become exorbitant.

If management prints QR codes to place in guest rooms for the housekeeping team, what do these printing costs look like? At one of the top online printing companies, an estimate of printing costs comes in at $28.80 (not including shipping & handling), so for your housekeeping staff, your initial cost is at least $28.80*10 = $288.00.

Extra printing costs will arise when placing QR codes around the hotel for other groups like valet, bellhop, and concierge teams.

Additionally, many hotels are moving to a contactless guest experience and reducing in-room materials for sanitation purposes. Adding in extra digital tablets or printed materials around the property is counterintuitive.

The Complicated QR Reality: lengthy setup and constant management.

Printed QR codes will need to be regularly replaced and updated based on staff turnover & damage to cards.  Last minute cleaning assignment changes are almost inevitable in housekeeping. How would the in-room QR code be changed to reflect the correct staff member? Even a digital QR code requires management to update it accordingly.

While the QR codes we use to view restaurant menus are simple, mobile tipping is a much more complicated operation. In hospitality, tips are sometimes pooled, many properties have hundreds of staff members, and there is a plethora of hotel services that can be tipped. The reality is that a QR-based solution will require a lengthy setup process and constant management.

The TipYo Way:

TipYo incorporates QR codes, but only in ways that don’t excessively depend on printing QR inventory or hotel management oversight. Our solution uses our secure standalone app or branded hotel app integration to collect relevant information about guests’ tips.  TipYo’s backend integration ensures tips are properly matched to the correct employee; we are not dependent upon our hotel partners to manage this critical process like QR-dependent tipping programs.

Want to learn more about effective mobile tipping that is not QR code dependent?  Click here!


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