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Mobile Tipping:

1. Provides guests with a convenient way to tip. (Tip in 10 seconds or less)

More than ever, guests are accustomed to having everything they need at the touch of their fingertips. We can do everything on our phones, why can’t we tip? With increased convenience, are guests still willing to go down the street to the ATM, grab a coffee to break it down in smaller bills all to tip a hotel associate? Guests that are wary of traveling will feel safe when all parts of the hotel experience are contactless and clean.

2. Recognizes employees for their hard work, which is especially important during Covid-19.

Hotel associates are working harder than ever, quickly learning new protocols and strategies to provide the safest guest experience. Although much has been done to mitigate the risk for employees, there is still risk associated. Furthermore, hotel associates were hit hard by the pandemic, with many jobs lost.

3. Gives managers an easy and low-cost way to provide an HR benefit to hotel associates

The best thing about TipYo is how simple and affordable it is to implement. There’s little added paperwork, no faxing, and no headaches. Additionally, it’s an affordable human resources benefit that empowers employees to receive the tips they deserve. We provide a tip-matching service so that hotel managers never have to wonder who gets what tip.

4. Improves employee retention.

Hotel Managers can reduce employee turnover by offering employees a higher paying job than other employers who depend on travelers to carry cash in our increasingly cashless society.

5. Keeps all parties’ information safe.

The best mobile tipping solution will protect both the associate’s identity and the guest’s identity. Apps like PayPal and Venmo simply aren’t a solution. Our mobile tipping solution puts the money directly in the associate’s paycheck, complying with the appropriate regulations. With over 25 years of notable experience in fintech, the experts at TipYo know what your hotel needs in a mobile tipping solution.

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