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As we reflect this holiday season, there’s so much to be thankful for! At TipYo, there are 4 things that continue to put a smile on our faces:

  1. Hard-working hotel employees receiving cashless tips

It’s no secret that hotel employees have been through a lot. Nevertheless, they keep offering great service and hospitality to guests. At TipYo, we believe they deserve the opportunity to receive tips even when guests are not carrying cash. When hotels partner with TipYo, we ensure that 100% of a guest’s tip goes to employees.

  1. TipYo’s hotel partners offering contactless tipping

Our hotel partners and management work so hard to deliver a great guest experience. When they partnered with TipYo to offer guests contactless tipping, they went the extra mile to make sure guests felt safe and had the convenience of not having to carry cash to tip and provided their staff a way to receive cashless tips. A win win!

While TipYo manages the full scope of our tipping solution in place at our hotel partners, we are thankful for owners and managers who trust us to deliver this important service.

  1. Generous guests using their phones to tip

At times, the team at TipYo has been pleasantly surprised by how generous guests are. Many guests have taken advantage of not having to rely on the bills in their wallet, and instead tipping an amount reflective of the high level of service they received. We are so thankful that guests are using TipYo to show their gratitude to the hardworking hotel staff.

  1. Our industry partnerships

TipYo is so grateful to our industry partnerships who continue to help us lead the conversation on Mobile Tipping. As members of both the American Hotel and Lodging Association and Hospitality Technology Next Generation, we are grateful for the relationships with other industry leaders as we work to make mobile tipping an industry standard.

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