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A seamless hotel payments infrastructure can make all the difference in a guest’s experience. But what ensures guests will adopt and enjoy using a contactless payments platform?

(1) A variety of acceptance channels,

(2) a straightforward user interface, and

(3) credibility to deliver secure payments.

In today’s cashless society, Cashless Tipping by TipYo has revolutionized how guests tip hotel associates during non-point of sale interactions. Our solution is one example of a payments platform that has gone above and beyond to ensure guests will adopt and use their phones for tipping.

  1. Multiple Tip Acceptance Channels.

If a guest is more comfortable using an app, they can download it right from the Apple or Google App Stores! If a guest is app-averse, we have a website too, delivered by QR codes or links. If a hotel already has an app, we can even integrate directly into their app!

  1. Ease of Use.

What’s even more important for guests is that the interface is easy to use. All our tip acceptance channels enable a guest to tip in 10 seconds or less, and guests are not required to set up an account!

  1. Guests want to know they can trust a payment partner. TipYo allows guests to tip with either Apple Pay or Google Pay, enabling a faster checkout experience and familiarity with something they trust and already use. For customers choosing to enter their credit card details, our payment processing partner Stripe tokenizes and handles their sensitive information. Unlike some other payments apps, TipYo does not collect or sell its user’s data.










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