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Hotel News Now asked the experts what changes the hospitality industry should make to adapt to customer needs in 2020, and TipYo made the list with our innovative mobile tipping app.

“In today’s cashless culture, it’s all too easy to be caught short when you want to leave gratuity,” says Bashar Wali, President & CEO of Provenance Hotels. “Tipping is not just about the money; it’s about recognizing great service from those on the front lines.”

Solution: Provenance Hotels has partnered with TipYo to address this challenge head on.

“Our guests are able to securely share gratuity from their smartphones with the valet, concierge and housekeeping teams without an extra ATM run or tracking down someone to break a twenty,” Wali explains. “Hotel Murano in Tacoma, Washington, is the first in our collection to roll out this program and we’re already seeing great results with daily usage in the first few weeks of introduction.”

Is improving your guests’ experience on your 2020 Resolution List?

Mobile tipping makes life easier for your guests and helps give your hardworking team members the recognition they deserve. It’s a win-win! Check in with TipYo and let us bring this innovation to your hotel.

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